Is the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) safe to ride?

The Segway PT is over-engineered with several double-redundancy systems built-in to ensure the utmost safety when operated properly.

  • The Gyroscopes that keep you level: Needs 1, Has 5
  • Braking system – “Ultra-Brake” technology applies reverse torque to the wheels stopping faster than skates, bicycles or people running at the same speed.
  • It carries two batteries to override failures.
  • Duplicate circuit boards are built in to ensure non-failure of the software controlling the Segway PT.
  • The top speed is 12.5 MPH, but can be locked in “Turtle Mode” at 5 MPH to keep a closer watch on riders.
  • Speed Limiters and Safety monitors will alert riders to unsafe riding practices.
  • The Segway PT is only slightly larger than your body, and as narrow as your shoulder bones.

Each rider will receive a minimum of 45 minutes of personal instruction before embarking on their tour. All tours are led by trained guides.